Purchasing methods

The Customer can only purchase the products available in the online catalogue of at the time of placing the order, as they are described in the relevant factsheets. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product may not be fully representative of its characteristics, but differ in color, size, and accessories shown in the figure. All support information for purchase are intended as mere material for general information, not attributable to the real characteristics of a single product.

The correct receipt of order is confirmed by Agriland24 via an e-mail sent to the email address supplied by the Customer at the time of registration. This confirmation message will contain an order number to be used in any further communication with Agriland24. The message will include all the data entered by the Customer who agrees to verify their correctness and to communicate any corrections, according to the procedures described herein.

In case of non-acceptance, Agriland24 ensures timely notification to the Customer. Should you have any complaints, please contact us via email, landline phone number 045.2594536, mobile phone 340 8708 230 or via mail to Agriland24 Srls Corso Passo Buole 5/A38061 Ala (TN).

Purchased products are delivered either packed or on pallets, to be assembled with the relevant Assembly instructions if any.

To pay your orders we offer a wide range of payment methods, in order to give you the best payment options. All purchased products must be paid in advance, and the shipment of the product you have purchased will be carried out as soon as we have received the order accompanied by payment. Payment systems are: bank transfer or postal transfer, credit card, Postepay, postal order.

Bank Transfer

Once the order is complete, make the bank transfer with the following specifications:

Beneficiary: Agriland24 Srls

Bank: Cassa Rurale Bassa Vallagarina – filiale di Avio (Tn)

IBAN: IT69 L080 1134 3200 0001 1052 734


Reason for payment: number and date of the order and name and surname of the Purchaser.

The banking practice stipulates that the Bank transfer be credited to the account of Agriland24 Srls not prior to 3/5 working days of its execution.

After 5 days from the date of acceptance of the order (when you receive your order confirmation e-mail) without having received the credit of the bank transfer, Agriland24 Srls will cancel your order.

Credit card

Agriland24 Srls accepts major credit cards, even prepaid and rechargeable cards, issued exclusively on the Italian territory: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Carta Aura.

With payment by credit card it won’t be charged any fee.

For all credit cards you need to enter the CVV2 code or else the order wil be cancelled. As to the Visa, Mastercard and Diners credit cards, the CVV2 is the last 3 digits on the back of the card.